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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are we?

Sex Workers Outreach Project – Los Angeles (SWOP-LA) is a peer support organization run by and for sex workers, based in Los Angeles, California. Our mission is, succinctly, to pursue our human rights to bodily autonomy, racial and social justice, and mutual liberation through outreach, education, mutual aid and political advocacy.

Who is eligible to apply for relief funds from the SWOP-LA ERF?

Anyone one based in the Los Angeles area who performs erotic labor in exchange for material resources (money, rent/shelter/housing, medicine/healthcare, food, etc.)–or who used to do so, before the crisis–is eligible to apply, except:

people who have only performed such erotic work in an online setting and who have not been adversely affected by current events (for example, a webcam performer who has seen their income increase due to the epidemic, but is otherwise unaffected would be ineligible to apply, but a webcam performer who is immuno-compromised and therefore at high risk would be eligible to apply)


people who have only performed such erotic work in a setting which did not require nudity or personal interactions with clients/customers, (for example, a lingerie model or non-nude burlesque performer would not ordinarily be eligible, but a burlesque dancer who performed lapdances for customers would be eligible). 

How are applications being reviewed?

SWOP-LA has formed an eight-person committee, composed of five voting members and three non-voting members. The voting members review each application and allocate funding based on our stated priorities and eligibility.

Bella Bathory, our Director, Daphne Von Rey, our Assistant Director, and Ashley Madness, our Secretary and Political Action Director are the three non-voting members. They help the voting members with procedure and by providing information, but do not comment on funding allocation. They are all very involved in the community, in other aspects of the Emergency Relief Fund, and in SWOP-LA’s other activities and did not think it would be appropriate to vote on funding due to potential conflicts of interest.

While we want to be as fair and transparent as possible, we will not disclose the names of the volunteers serving as voting members of the Consideration Committee for their protection. The committee is mostly non-white, mostly queer, and mostly sex workers, and is trusted by the Board of SWOPLA. They have all put themselves at risk by choosing to serve on this committee, and we don’t want to make them more vulnerable by publishing their names.

For Questions about this review board please email: swoplosangeles@gmail.com

or fill out the contact form anonymously! If a member knows an applicant they will be recused from your approval committee.

How will relief funding be allocated among applicants?

As of March 30, 2020, SWOP-LA is doing its best to grant some amount of relief funding to all eligible applicants. Unfortunately, we cannot grant all requests, even with our current disbursement limit of $200/applicant.

We are prioritizing the applications of queer and trans sex workers of color, especially black and/or indigenous trans sex workers, and the applications of full-service sex workers. We also prioritize applicants who are immunocompromised or otherwise especially vulnerable.

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