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ERF Applications are on Pause

We are no longer accepting new applications to our online Emergency Relief Fund.

We will continue to process applications received before today, December 1, 2020, but are putting the online ERF application on pause to revisit it for sustainability and alignment with our values going forward. Thank you for all of your support.

We have been able to distribute over $17,000 directly to Los Angeles area sex workers affected by COVID-19 already, and will continue with our community events, support group, and street-based outreach, while we review the Emergency Relief Fund as a whole. We couldn’t have done it without your likes, retweets, forwarded emails, texts to your friends, Zoom show promotions, livestream shoutouts–without your hard work and your hard earned cash.

Please continue to donate to our organization if you would like to support our work going forward. We would love to keep trying our best to take care of each other in the ways that we can.

From the bottom of our collective hearts, thank you.

❤ Ashley Madness and the rest of SWOPLA

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