We are raising money to send directly to workers and to provide outreach and services in response to COVID-19.


We are no longer accepting NEW APPLICATIONS to our online Emergency Relief Fund.

We will continue to process applications that we received on or before December 1st, but are putting the online ERF application on pause to revisit it for sustainability and alignment with our values going forward.

Thank you for all of your support! So far, we have been able to distribute over $17,000 to LA-area sex workers impacted by COVID-19. We are continuing to pay out people who already applied online, and to distribute cash and supplies through our street-based outreach, and welcome your continued support–financial and otherwise–going forward.

If you want to help out, please donate at the link below, share our social media posts and newsletters, or come to one of our monthly (online) meetings to volunteer!

With love & gratitude,
Ashley Madness & SWOPLA

The entire world is in a state of fear, anxiety, and financial insecurity with no end in sight. This has been the lives of every sex working since the devastating legislation of FOSTA/SESTA. Through every major crisis, sex workers have come together to support each other and the most vulnerable population during a time of need. Sex workers began the Stonewall Riots giving us the Pride we know and love. Sex workers comforted those dying of AIDS during the epidemic. Sex workers face unnecessary barriers bringing comfort and support to the world, yet they continue to persevere and inspire.  

Our communities have survived since the beginning of time by lifting each other up. Whether it’s by information sharing, providing shelter, food, clothing, giving rides, monetary help, and providing emotional support and community. Community is the driving force of SWOPLA, and sex workers globally. Community is the reason we are all able to survive, and will be a factor in keeping all of us afloat as flaws in the system are seen with utter transparency. 

As a way to support our community we are mobilizing to supply emergency funding, a redistribution of wealth, to the most vulnerable of our community until there is stabilization. For full transparency 20% will be allotted as cash to our street based family, 10% to SWOPLA and 70% will go directly to our SWer community in Los Angeles that apply online. I hope that during this difficult time this can show the world we can function better together as a community. I believe in the kindness of strangers. I believe in the support of our affiliated organization. I believe in the support of our own sex worker community and our allies. This is our glimmer of hope we want to spread to our Los Angeles trans and SWer community who’s always fought so hard in faces of economic insecurity. With this, we are asking for your support during our most unprecedented time of need. As an organization, the ability to secure government funds is non-existent. Our board and community members are operating at a major deficit both fiscally and mentally. Financial security is a one most have never experienced, and our avenues to survive have dissolved. We are asking for as much as you can spare. There is no amount too small, or large. If you are unable to donate personally, we ask that you share widely with your networks. There’s no such thing as a community without support for one and other, and we need yours now. 

Thank you so much for your continued support, and we will remain in solidarity and progress during this time of uncertainty. 

In solidarity, 


Original SWOPLA.org site under construction! Check here and our social media pages for up to date information.

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